If you are looking for a place for your wedding and are possibly interested in reserving Linwood, you are welcome to contact the church office.  If you are a member, the pastoral and counseling staff of the Linwood Seventh-day Adventist Church share your excitement and joy as you seek God’s will in planning your coming marriage. By coming to the Linwood SDA Church to help you prepare for your married life together, it is clear that your primary desire is to have a Christian marriage.

By requesting the use of the sanctuary and/or pastoral staff for your wedding three assumptions are being made:

1.  That you are committed to submitting yourselves to God’s will and His Word,

2.  That your primary desire is to place Christ at the center of your lives both individually and as a couple, and

3.  That you desire to glorify God by establishing a Christian home.

Please contact the church office at 509-327-4400 or email@linwoodsda.org.