This Week, we pray for WWVA: Walla Walla Valley Academy is a high school in College Place and they have been blessed this year with an increase in enrollment and continued progress on refurbishments. This large school has a faculty and staff who keep the school running successfully. Please pray for them as they work to give the students a great education and to lead them to know Jesus better. Pray for wisdom and strength for the teachers and Holy Spirit’s influence on the students’ that they will make good choices and follow Jesus.

Are You Reaching Your Community? Are you involved in Adventist Community Services or interested in community outreach?  Join us for the ACS Fall Federation at two locations:

10-2, health Monday, November 10        Upper Columbia Conference, Spokane

10-2, Tuesday, November 11        SonBridge, College Place

Be inspired!

Chaplain Ordination: Walla Walla General Hospital invites the public to the ordination of Mario J. DeLise at the WWGH Auditorium November 12 at 5:30 p.m.

Enjoy the Fall Gala Fundraiser Dinner for Spokane’s Only Christian TV Station: He’s Alive Television will hold their Fall Gala Fundraiser Dinner on November 23 at 5 p.m. at the Conference office assembly rooms. Come enjoy a delicious banquet meal, entertainment and a chance to support Television ministry that reaches Spokane and beyond. Suggested donation is $15 per dinner or sponsor a table for 6 ($75) or a table for 12 ($150). To reserve, call 509-622-4780. Or

Rethink Prophecy Seminars: Please pray for the Rethink Prophecy seminars in Spokane at ten locations.  Even the smallest churches holding this seminar are experience new people from their community coming to their meetings. Some churches have 25 visitors or more. This series will culminate with David Asscherick coming to the INB in Spokane, November 12-15, at 7 p.m. each evening.

Will the Ordination Issue Split the Church? The online conversation on women’s ordination is often strident, even condemnatory. For some, there is no common ground, no chance to find a biblically-based solution on which all can agree. Too often a person’s position on the topic labels him or her as either right or wrong. Will this issue split the church? David Asscherick, well-known Adventist speaker/evangelist, doesn’t think so. You may agree or disagree with him, but his thoughts on Facebook are interesting to consider.

Get Ready now for Next Year’s Summer Camps: MiVoden registration is open for summer 2015. The theme is, “Living Ready,” and John 10:10 is a key verse, “I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly.” To register go or call 509-242-0506.

Take a Working Vacation to Poptun Guatemala: Registration is open for the youth mission trip to Guatemala on March 19-30, 2015. They will be building a church and conducting an afterschool Vacation Bible School in a small village near Poptun, Guatemala. The cost is $1,800. Both Youth and Adults welcome. You can get more information and applications Questions please call 509-242-0506 or email:

New Study Bible for women: The Women’s Ministries department released the first New King James Version Study Bible specifically designed for women. This new edition emphasizes women of faith, offers study materials for personal evangelism and more than 100 commentaries on major and lesser-known female biblical characters. Read More.

Revising the Adventist Church Manual: During this month’s Annual Council meetings in Silver Spring, Md., world church delegates adopted several amendments to the church manual. According to a report in the Adventist Review, the proposed amendments included content intended to: tighten the wording on who is allowed to address the congregation from the pulpit; clearly define that a marriage is between a “man and a woman” as opposed to the former wording, “husband and wife”; and identify the reasons for discipline on grounds of sexual immorality. Read more from the Adventist Review online.