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Linwood’s sermons are available on YouTube!  For your convenience, they are available below to watch consecutively.  Keep watching.  And watching.  And watching.

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The Anchor Holds – #150418


In times when it is really hard to see God’s hand in your life and the future seems unclear – is there something to hold on to? Join Pastor Volody as he explores the story of John the Baptist in Matthew chapter 11.

When God Is Silent – #141122


We all know what to do when God answers our prayers. We thank Him! But what do you do when God is silent? Pastor Volody shares some insights from the Scripture about the silence of God.

01 Rethink Global Collapse – #141017


There seems to be a sense among people who believe in God as well as among those who do not believe in God – that there is something wrong with the way things go in our world today. What does the future hold? Are we heading toward global collapse of some sort? There is enough […]