Pastor Appreciation Cake and Cookies


Linwood Foyer

October is Pastor Appreciation month and Linwood is joining other churches in North America during the month to show appreciation for our pastors and their families for their hard work, commitment, and sacrificial dedication.  Although it is always encouraged to show affirmation of our pastors’ ministry work throughout the year, this is a special time to recognize our pastors for their hard work and dedicated hours of service spent on behalf of their congregations and communities. Today’s busy, fast-paced life presents more challenges than ever for pastors and their families.  Pastor Volody and Pastor Ryan do more than preach inspiring sermons, behind the scenes they also serve as counselors, caregivers, mediators, and so much more—all while balancing the needs of their own families and marriages.  Pastors often sacrifice personally because they believe they are called by God to be His servant.

The Linwood Church Family is encouraged to show appreciation, whether it is by fellowshipping during the reception, means of a card, and/or a different gift, whatever you are comfortable doing – we know the Lord will provide guidance.  If you cannot be at Linwood that Sabbath, you are welcome to give to our secretary throughout the month, Peggy, and she will make sure it is given to the pastors.

For anyone who wants to provide a card to each pastoral teams, there will be a basket in the foyer on October 27 to put them in.  They will then be gathered and given to each pastoral team.

Thank you for your support of affirmation.