Many are asking what they can do to help fire survivors in Paradise, California. Many want to send supplies or head down to help. Right now, people on the ground are telling us that the best thing we can do is to  provide financial support (see attached FAQ).  Sabbath, November 17, 2018, is a special offering to help.
The Camp Fire has become the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history.  More than 7,000 homes have been destroyed, our Adventist hospital and school have been partially destroyed and the Adventist church there was completely destroyed.
This Sabbath, Upper Columbia Conference churches are collecting a special offering to support the survivors of the Camp Fire in Paradise, California. The money collected will be delivered to the Northern California Conference to provide support for those recovering from this tragedy. Mark your tithe envelope “UCC Paradise Recovery.” You can also give online at

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. – Look for the “UCC Paradise Recovery” giving option under the “Conference/Union section.” You may also mail a check to the Upper Columbia Conference marked “UCC Paradise Recovery”. 

All the funds you give are going directly to support the brave families who have lost everything except what matters most; life, love and hope. 

Questions or more information, contact Patty Marsh,