Below is a draft of the wording for your review.  Please don’t hesitate to modify anything…

As we are all getting ready for Christmas, here is an opportunity to help the families that visit the Better Living Center (BLC).  There are about 250 children each month impacted by the BLC.

The Linwood Church Family could take on the challenge of providing a gift for each one of those children.  If each one receiving this message provided TWO gifts, we would be very close.  Perhaps some can’t provide two, but others could provide more.  UNITED we could be very successful in reaching that goal.

Things to note for PURCHASING GIFTS:

  1. Value of an item could be $5-$7.
  2. Children range from age 1-16 with the largest number being 9-16.
  3. Some gift ideas:
    1. Matchbox Cars
    2. My Little Ponies
    3. Dolls
    4. Stuffed animals
    5. Books

Date Needed: Please bring gifts to Linwood December 3.  (Since the clients typically only come to the BLC one time per month, we are working quickly to have gifts starting December 6.)

You can be involved and support the project…

Pray for the Project: Trust the Holy Spirit will guide the right gift to the right child.


  1. If you like to shop, and plan to purchase gifts, please bring your gifts on December 3.

* Wrapped with a tag that states age and gender – boy or girl.

* Unwrapped and the Linwood Elves will wrap.




  1. If you don’t like to shop, you are welcome to donate to the project and the Linwood Elves will shop.  Donations can be mailed to Linwood at the address below – mark the envelope, “Christmas Project”:


Linwood Church

PO Box 48273

Spokane, WA  99228

If you want to be a Linwood Elf, please reply to this e-mail or contact Jane Williams at 509-994-3709.


Blessing for Children and Their Parents:

*Time for us to UNITE as a church and bring some joy to others.

*Opportunity to reach out to our community.

*Opportunity to show the Love of Jesus – Because He Cares, We Care.