Pictured on left: GrUkraine Peopleoup of people in Rehabilitation Center in Korop, sales look Ukraine are watching Hope Channel in Ukrainian.

Unrest and war in Ukraine has been a big concern for our church family. Many people in our church are asking questions and praying for the situation in my homeland. The situation is far from being stable – it is ongoing conflict that located mostly on the Eastern side of the country. The number of casualties is growing every day and so far negotiations have not brought the peace and safety for the people.

What is the position of the church in this situation? The leadership of our Adventist faith community both in Russia and Ukraine has made a joined statement regarding the situation (http://adventist.ru/2014/03/04/zayavlenie-tserkvi-adventistov-sedmogo-dnya-evro-aziatskogo-diviziona/). The document calls for staying united in our mission and pray for the peaceful resolution of the situation. Our churches are not divided over the conflict, rather united in our mission to preach the Gospel and to provide shelters for those who need help. Our pastors are faithful and commited to minister to their people and communities regardless of the stuation.

The roof of one of our churches was damaged and very soon the team of volunteers from the western Ukraine Adventist churches
went to help to restore the building so it can be used to serve the people in the area.

Friend of mine, Pavel Shipko, pastor in Northern Ukraine was recently visiting one of the rehab centers in the area. He came to the center last week and noticed that the group of people that were gathered together in one room to watch our Hope Channel Sattelite broadcast. I have recently recorded new series of evangelistic sermons in Ukrainian that is being presently broadcased on Hope Channel Ukraine.

The light of the gospel of Jesus Christ is still the only hope for this restless world. Our prayers are with the people of Ukraine that God would bring the end to this conflict. Our prayers are also for our faithful pastors and churches that continue to be about our mission to minister to the people and reach them with the light of Pastor Volody in Ukrainehope in Jesus Christ.

Pictured on right: Screen shot from recent series I recorded while in Ukraine.