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Paradise Fire Recovery Offering

by Linwood

Many are asking what they can do to help fire survivors in Paradise, California. Many want to send supplies or head down to help. Right now, people on the ground are telling us that the best thing we can do is to  provide financial support (see attached FAQ).  Sabbath, November 17, 2018, is a special […]

Better Living Center Gifting Project

by Linwood

As we are all getting ready for Christmas, here is an opportunity to help the families that visit the Better Living Center (BLC).  There are about 250 children each month impacted by the BLC. The Linwood Church Family could take on the challenge of contributing money and/or time so each one of those children can […]

“Here I Stand” Reformation Weekend – September 15 & 16, 2016

by Linwood

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2016 Secret Prayer Pals

by Linwood

Join the fun and rewarding experience of getting to know a fellow member of your church family in a meaningful way! You can be a blessing to someone at Linwood by your prayers, generic health gifts, sale sick and presence!  We are told to encourage one another, check and in this ministry, is a way of doing just […]

Peace & Love from the Nesteruk Family

by Linwood

“Glory to God in the highest, buy troche and on earth peace, look good will toward men.” Luke 2:14 God in His Son has given all we need! What a great privilege to give glory to God and pray for peace on earth! I feel truly blessed to be a part of vibrant and loving church family. […]

He’s Alive TV

by Linwood

He’s Alive Makes Progress towards their Goal Thanks to friends and supporters of He’s Alive Television, generic nurse we raised $35, usa 000 in promises towards our operating expenses for the upcoming year. If you would like to be included in this group DE. In this study, the DE had a prevalenceand it Is necessary […]