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Pastor Appreciation – 2018

by Linwood

Pastor Appreciation Cake and Cookies OCTOBER 27—AFTER CHURCH Linwood Foyer October is Pastor Appreciation month and Linwood is joining other churches in North America during the month to show appreciation for our pastors and their families for their hard work, commitment, and sacrificial dedication.  Although it is always encouraged to show affirmation of our pastors’ ministry […]

Camp Meeting

by Linwood

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Surveys: Pastoral Evaluation and Linwood Church Effectiveness

by Linwood

Scripture encourages God’s people to give and do their best for Him. In Ephesians 6:5–8 and Colossians 3:23–24, Paul teaches that God expects us to give only our best in our work. We are to do our work as if we are working for God. If God gave his best for us when he gave his […]

Sabbath School Survey

by Linwood

During the Worship Service on April 4, buy patient Jane Williams, sales sales Linwood’s Sabbath School Superintendent, talked about Linwood’s Sabbath School classes.  There were several who shared many different blessings in each class. The average attendance for Linwood’s Sabbath School classes is 60.  In an effort to help us with gathering information regarding the reasons […]